DATE: December 31, 2016
TIME: 9:30 pm
LOCATION: 14 West Broadway, Jim Thorpe , PA 18229
The Glimmer Twins – Live @ The Mauch Chunk Opera House New Years Eve (Video) December 31, 2016

What better way to start the New Year? We present the finest and most classic Rolling Stones show in the country – join us for a great time!

What makes The Glimmer Twins such a special attraction is their ability to capture the raw energy of the most electrifying performances throughout The Rolling Stones career, and present it in such a way that audiences are able to experience the same sensation of what it was like to be at a Stones concert in their heyday.

Because of the uncanny resemblances to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in their prime, coupled with the special attention given to the minutest details both musically and visually, the Glimmer Twins deliver a classic Rolling Stones experience to their audience.

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