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Mauch Chunk Opera House
“The Glimmer Twins sure came ready to perform…giving our audience all it wanted…amazing guitar interplay and the all-out theatrics…That was a great performance…” says the Mauch Chunk Opera House on their facebook page.
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Dan Geringer – Philadelphia Daily News
“…Call’s amazingly spot on Mick.”…”the spitting image Rolling Stones tribute band.”…”The Glimmer Twins, who sound shockingly like the Rolling Stones, demonstrate the dramatic difference between a cover band that plays the tunes and a tribute band that lives them”. In a personal email to the band Dan writes “I saw the pennypack concert. The band is incredible.”
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Mayo Center For The Performing Arts
The Glimmer Twins two capacity filled shows at The Mayo Center For The Performing Arts New Years Eve 2011 “thanks for a terrific performance.” Dr. Lynn Siebert – Artistic Director…”A Fabulous Show!!!!!!!” Carol Barsh – audience member
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Gary James Interview with Bernie Bollendorf
“This band has played some 3,000 seat venues. That is pretty impressive”, says
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New York Optimist Interview with Keith Call
“Your show last year at the Jones Beach theater was a great surprise and more than entertaining.”….”seeing your band the Glimmer Twins was like being there at a Stones concert, watching Mick Jagger in his prime!”
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Jefferson Highlights Concert Series
“This is as close to the Rolling Stones as I think you can get, and I know hundreds of people were anticipating this show.” says Art Bonito (Art Bonito Amphitheater)…”The Glimmer Twins do a spot-on impersonation of the real band, according to audience feedback,…” says
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Maryland Theater
“…it’s almost like looking at a younger version of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.” says the Herald Mail.
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The News Journal Interview with Keith Call
“…offering fans a glimpse of the next best thing.”…”You guys would look like the real deal even if you weren’t in a tribute band.” says The News Journal (
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Speno Memorial Park, Long Island, NY.
“Keith Call, lead singer of the Rolling Stones cover band the Glimmer Twins, did Mick Jagger proud last Friday night…East Meadowites danced the night away to the Glimmer Twins…The Rolling Stones are timeless, just one reason why hundreds flocked to the park to catch the action.” says LI
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Sam Adams – Promoter
“The Glimmer Twins look and sound so much like The Stones that you wouldn’t believe it”, says Sam Adams in the Middletown Transcript, June 11 2014.
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New Hope Winery
“…the Glimmer Twins is one of the few acts that actually tries to copy Mick, Keith and the rest of the Rolling Stones in a concert setting.” says …”They don’t just talk the talk-they go all the way. The likeness is uncanny.”…Call (Mick) starts the experience from the second he steps on stage. The theatrics are there, the gestures are there, even the look in his eyes- the one Jagger would get singing “Brown Sugar”-that’s there, too.” says
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Gigmasters Interview with Michael Rubino
Topic: Keith Richards New Autobiography “Life”. “The man has definitely lived his life on his own terms. He is the Frank Sinatra of his generation!”
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Wayne Rake – Sound Engineer
“…you have become the standard by which I measure all Stones Tributes to.” says Wayne Rake, owner & operator of The Sounding Board. Wayne has worked with many National touring tribute bands.
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Devon Theater
“They are a Rolling Stones Tribute band and are a very accurate representation of The Rolling Stones in their prime. They look like Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and pride themselves on emulating their music.” says Andy Wertner, Facility Director of The Devon Theater (Sold Out Show Feb. 26, 2010)
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